Notes about workshop tomorrow

Hi guys,

Just a few quick notes about tomorrow’s workshop. Be sure you’ve posted your 250(ish) word nonfiction pieces to your blogs, and also take the time to read (and respond to) each others’ pieces online prior to the workshop. Trust me — familiarity with the pieces will make for a much more productive and enjoyable workshop; you’ll be able to make more insightful comments, and you’ll benefit from better feedback on your own work. As a reminder, the groups this unit are:

Katie’s: Matt, Andrew, Alicia, Clare, Chris, Eleanor

Maddie’s: Carolyn, Simone, Laura, Kyle, Doug

Alex’s: Sean, Mikaela, Lois, Tamara, Tony, Gregg

Also, please print and bring along enough physical copies of your piece for yourself, everyone in your group, and your tutor. Bring your calendars, too; Alex, Maddie and I will be scheduling our meetings with you this unit for next week.

We’re excited to see you all tomorrow! I hope you’re enjoying nonfiction so far — come ready to talk.

-your lovely, loving tutors


I was looking around the web for some more information on Jack Kerouac and came across a piece on NPR (here) that details some aspects of On The Road. The site also has some other interesting bits about Kerouac and his writing in general. You can listen to him reading (which is pretty sweet) and see pictures of the 120 ft. scroll he typed the book on (we weren’t the first to do multi-media experiments, apparently.) Thought I’d share in case you were curious after the reading last night/since I didn’t give you any background on Kerouac today in class.