Maddie’s Group Sign-Up

Meetings will take place in the juice bar. Remember to look at when other people have signed up when you claim slots. Can’t wait to read your stuff! post it soon…
Tuesday, March 11th
4:30-5:00 Kyle
5:00-5:30 Laura
Thursday, March 13th
3-3:30 Simone
3:30-4 Carolyn
4-4:30 Doug


3 Responses

  1. hi Maddie,
    could I take the 3-3:30 slot on Thursday? thanks!


  2. I’ll do 5-5:30 on Tues. Thank youuuuu.

  3. well i guess i’m thursday 4-4:30? that will be fine but i have orchestra practice right at 4:30 so i would probably have to leave about 5 minutes early…


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