Dinner Wednesday

Hey everyone,
So, looks like we’re set to have dinner on Wednesday at Weybridge House (6:30). I’m thinking, burritos? Of course, this all depends whether the shoppers come through and actually buy the right groceries. If not, I can try to comandeer a car and do an emergency run. Oy.
All the groceries are bought and ready… I’ll see you all tonight!!!

So, if you want to help cook, come at 5ish. Otherwise dinner is served at 6:30.

(If you can, try to RSVP, just drop a comment below so I have some idea how much to make…)

11 Responses

  1. This sounds like fun, Alex — my only question is, will we have time to eat and still leave for BG’s house for workshop by 7:20? If so, I’m absolutely game (and if it works out schedule-wise I’ll come help cook, though I have to warn you that I’m no burrito expert.)

  2. I think we should be alright. The more people that help cook, the better. So far only Scotty (from weybridge) is signed up to cook with me (ideally we have 3 people). If we’re finished cooking on-time (the hard part), and are strict and start the meal at 6:30 there should be no problem.

    Also, instead of meeting at ADK, we could just leave from Weybridge house. People can park in our lot during the meal.

  3. sweet! i can come and actually eat this time 🙂 i’m happy to help cook, if you still need cookers, but i’m not much good so far as groceries go. besides, i’d probably buy the wrong thing. let me know if you want a helper around 5.

  4. will these burritos have meat? i’ll be there at sixish, but the question stands.

  5. I can come a little bit early, like at 6, to help cook if that helps at all, alex.

  6. Hey all,
    If you wanna come early, the help will be appreciated. We can always use an extra hand… but it’s not dire! (ie. Don’t feel obligated). And I’m gonna have faith that the Goddesses of shopping look on us favorably.

  7. I’ll be there for dinner!

  8. i’ll be there for dinner, probably not cooking though.

  9. ditto – looking forward to it!

  10. i’ll be there around six!

  11. “Green” burritos? Count me in! 😀

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