summer workshop group?

hey guys,

i am going to be working on campus all summer and i was curious as to whether anyone else will be sticking around as well. during my conference, barbara and i talked about me starting a workshop group for anyone in our class who will be around to meet once a week or so to share what we’ve been working on and to sort of keep us in the habit of writing regularly. so, if anyone will be around and might be interested, let me know! i think it could be a really awesome summer activity…

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  1. I’m not going to be around, but I’m planning on keeping up with my writing over the summer, and it would be good to have a group to keep me accountable to a daily habit. If you do set something up, I’d love to jump in electronically. Keep me updated!

  2. Tamara, as i said in workshop tonight, i will also be on campus this summer! or, at least june 13th to august 15th. i will be in chinese school so i technically shouldn’t be speaking any english, but i feel balance is a good thing.

    soo, i would definitely join in any blogging or workshop groups or dinners at Barbara’s (yes, Barbara?). that would be fabulous.

  3. I’d be happy to host writing-group get-togethers chez moi. (Don’t the rest of you wish you were sticking around this summer?)

  4. And I will be around too, and would love to workshop! We could do it over dinner, or would that be distracting? I am terrific at flipping hamburgers.

  5. Hello all! I will sort of be around this summer… I’m going to be in Burlington from June 22 – July 27, so I would love to make a few trips down to Midd for some workshops. Also, if I can’t make certain workshops I would love to join electronically! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

  6. hey guys! I’ve been writing a tad, mostly revising stuff from last semester, but trying to keep the juices flowing. I’m coming up on Friday through Saturday midday, and if anyone would like to meet up for a writing session I’d be so down! let me know via blog, email, or facebook. I hope everyone’s summers are going well!!

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