Meetings to discuss poetry?

Hi guys! I hope you’re having fun (it should be FUN) crawling around in your poems. I know the regular tutor-tutee meetings have unraveled a little this unit; it’s a busy time in the semester, and we’ve all got a lot on our plates. That said, I’d be happy to meet with anyone who wants to talk about poems, readings, your own work, the work of other writers, anything your little hearts desire. Regardless of your workshop group, feel free to jump in on this.

Let me know (post or e-mail at kflagg @ midd) if you want to meet up. Saturday and Sunday afternoons would be best bets — we could meet up on campus, or maybe for coffee in town for a nice change of pace. On both days, the 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. window is relatively open, so feel free to pick a time that works best for you; just be in touch.

May Day Poem Exercise

bleeding hearts unfurl in the april garden

In honor of May Day, here’s a playful prompt:

A 14-line poem about May

  • Every line must contain in addition to whatever other kinds of syllabled words you like, one (and only one) two-syllable word and one three-syllable word.
  • A rich sound texture using repeated sounds and rhythms–you choose how
  • The following words: stone, clever, melt, yellow
  • A line “lifted” from the poem you memorized