Meetings with Tutors

Alex’s Group (meetings are at the juicebar)

Thursday, April 10

2:30-3:00 Tamara

3:00-3:30 Sean

3:30-4:00 Kyle

Friday, April 11

4:00-4:30 Eleanor

4:30-5:00 Alicia (is this ok?)

Katie’s Group

Reply to this post to claim your spot. Let me know if any of these times don’t work for you, and we can find another window that works for us both. Let’s meet in the Juice Bar in the Grille. I’m excited to hear about how fiction’s going so far! Bring questions, readings, writing you want to discuss; this is your time, so let’s make the most of it.

Monday, April 7

2-2:30: Doug

Tuesday, April 8

10:15-10:45: Carolyn

4-4:30: Mikaela

Wednesday, April 9

1:30-2: Laura

2-2:30: Matt

5:30-6: Gregg

Maddie’s Group: We will be meeting in the juice bar downstairs, reply ASAP to which slot you prefer!

Tuesday, April 8th

1:00-1:30 Lois

1:30-2:00 Chris

2:00-2:30: Simone

Wednesday, April 9th

1:00-1:30 Clare

3:00-3:30: Andrew

3:30-4:00 Tony (If you can’t you need to let me know!)

Exercise: Past & Present

From Tony:

100 Word Exercise

Think of a historical character and put him/her in a contemporary setting.

What would s/he think? How would s/he react?

100 Words Fiction Exercise: Story of a Word

This is Tony’s Prompt:

Look up the etymology of any word you like.  Write the story of that word.  100 words.

Listening to Fiction

I want everyone to know about the New Yorker Fiction Podcast, which allows you to listen to a great writer talk about one of his or her favorite short stories, and also has the author read the story aloud. Some of my favorites have been Jorge Luis Borges’s “The Gospel According to St. Mark,” T.C. Boyle reading Tobias Wolff’s “One with a Bullet,” and Jumpha Lahiri reading William Trevor’s “A Day.” You can even subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and get it sent to you automatically every month. And be a dork like me and listen to the stories while you run! Happy listening…

Wu Ming and collaborative writing

Hey guys. Just a little bit of something interesting I wanted to share. Maddie and Sean and I (anyone else?) were at a lecture yesterday by Roberto Bui, a member of an Italian writers’ collective called Wu Ming. (The name alternatively means “anonymous” or “five writers,” depending on how you pronounce the first syllable.) He gave a really fascinating talk about the new Italian epic — but he also spoke a little bit towards the end about working in a writing collective, collaborative creation and editing, etc.

The idea of serious collaborative work is, to me, incredibly difficult to fathom. But at the same time, the sense of a writing community it must foster is really interesting. What do you guys think about the idea? I’m resistant to the idea of collaborative writing, but I think that’s partly a gut reaction. I’d love to talk about the benefits, pitfalls, reasons for and against.

Another interesting point that Bui brought up had to do with face-to-face work. He insisted that because his group is comprised of friends who meet and work in person, reading their work out loud as they go, their work is “warmer” than work being composed in communities rooted in digital communication. Do you think this is true? It seemed like an interesting point to dive into for our little group of writers, because we’re doing a little bit of both.

I hope you’re all enjoying fiction so far! If nothing else, the Wu Ming approach to writing is a good reminder that there is so much going on in the world of fiction-writing…

Fiction Exercise #1: 200-Word Sudden Fiction

Write a sudden fiction in exactly 200 words following these rules:

1.  A one-scene story that takes place on a dock.

2.  Characters:  a pilot and a runner, strangers to one another

3.  A second-person narrator

4.  Circumstance:  They’ve both lost something

For Fiction Writers

I have created a new menu item on the lefthand sidebar: “For Fiction Writers” with links to some helpful sites. Please add via comments! What are your favorite online fiction sites?

Also, I have listed all of your presentation dates up on the presentation tab.

Updates–Fiction Syllabus Online

You can now find UNIT THREE  in the menu above, including examples from your tutors terrific. Please make sure you read through the page and let me know if you have any questions.

Also, I have steadily been adding to our Places Readers Go list on the upper left sidebar. Please add more sites in comments to this post. How about trying out six-word memoirs?