Creating a link to a Blogpost entry

As you write your hyptertext reflections, you’ll want to create links right to specific entries as you discuss them.  To do that:

1.  Highlight the word in your text (in your reflection) you want to serve as the link to the entry. Say, you have written the following sentence, ” I am thrilled to be leaving nonfiction and going on to fiction; already I have explored the links on For Fiction Writers.”  You want to create a link of the words “For Fiction Writers” that will send your reader to that post.   You’d highlight those three words in your text.

2.  Open a new Firefox tab or window.  Find the appropriate blog, and click on the title of the post to which you want to link, i.e. “For Fiction Writers”  in the post below this one.  Once you’ve clicked on the title, up in the URL address line, you find the URL for that entry.

2.  Copy the URL, return to the other window, click on the icon of the chain link in the Editor line above the text box, and paste the URL in the window it opens there. (Make sure you have the relevamt words still highlighted in your text.)  Save.


Hypertext galore

My friend just sent me this site to look at, and I haven’t been able to tear myself away. Hypertext is hypnotizing.

Link to the Blog Conversation with Filmmaker John Bresland and How-to for the

If you’re interested in reading the discussion Abishek had with  The Seinfeld Analog filmmaker, John Bresland, over J-term,  check out his post.

For those of you thinking about creating a hypertext piece on your blog, you might want to explore the resources mentioned on wikipedia. Look closely, too, at the hypertext pieces I assigned for this unit, thinking about how and why and when links work.
Here are my super-simple-hypertext instructions:

1.  Once you have mapped out your layers and links, post your first screen (the entrance into the hypertext) as a PAGE (instead of what we usually do, writing POSTS).  This will make a tab at the top of your blog homepage with the title of your hypertext and ensure easy access to your piece long after you have moved onto other units.

2.  If you want to link to a  Flickr image (you can create a link within a Flickr image) or some other off-blog site, use the little chain link in the editor above your text box.  Highlight the word(s) you wish to serve as link, click on the chainlink and then supply the URL of the site.

3.  If you wish to link to another window/screen/post you create here on your blog, create a new POST for that material.  Scroll down until you see POST TIMESTAMP in the righthand sidebar.  Click on it and then plug in a date from January 2008.  Doing so in effect buries the post within your blog, so no one will come across it unless they click on the link in your hypertext, which will send them to the appropriate post.

If you  wish to create a clean-looking post, you can de-select Allow Comments and Allow Pings over on the sidebar under Discussion.
Questions?  I will be in the Wilson Media Lab tomorrow (Friday) at 1:00 to give a quick iMOVIE workshop and to answer questions anyone has about the project, the technology, the course.  If I don’t see you there, I’ll see you in conference next week.  Enjoy Winter Carnival and remember what great fun it is to play writing games–much better than standing out in the howling wind to watch a ski race, yes?