March 4 Kyle on Jack Kerouac. He’s also posted a follow-up with links. And here is a Self-Evaluation on the presentation itself.

March 11 Eleanor on Carole Maso and Susan Griffin. Her self-evaluation is posted on her blog.

March 13 Tamara’s Presentation on Annie Dillard Didn’t Record Properly!

March 18 Clare on David Foster Wallace

March 20 Matt on Thomas Lynch

April 1 Sean on Denis Johnson

April 3 Alicia on Don DeLillo

April 8 Laura on Richard Ford

April 10 Carolyn on Richard Bausch

April 15 Simone on Thom Jones

April 17 Tony

April 22 Lois Presents Paisley Rekdal

April 24 Mikaela Presents Monica Youn

April 29 Gregg Presents Jeffrey McDaniel

May 1 Andrew on Nellie Wong

May 6 Doug presents Kim Addonizio and Tony presents Seamus Heaney

May 8 Chris presents Maurice Manning

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