Final Evaluation Conference

Just a reminder, you need to hand me a PAPER version of your poetry portfolio by 5:00 p.m. this Friday (the 9th). Remember to include a narrative reflection (you can also, of course do that as hypertext on your blog) and a reading-as-a-writer piece as well as all of the regular assignments.



At least 24 hours before you meet with me to propose and defend your course grade, please send me an in-depth final view of your journey through this course. Include, if you like, the full portfolios from all the units. Make sure you indicate how you feel you have done according to the rubrics (image of the board above should help you out).

Conference Schedule
Friday, May 9

9:00 Laura

Monday, May 12
10:30 Tony
11:30 Gregg
3:30 Eleanor

Tuesday, May 13
9:00 Doug
11:00 Matt
3:30 Lois

Wednesday, May 14
10:00 Chris
11:00 Mikaela
1:00 Kyle
2:00 Sean

Thursday, May 15
10:00 Alicia
11:00 Clare
2:30 carolyn

Friday, May 16
9:00 Tamara
10:00 Andrew
11:00 Simone

Conferences for Unit 2

You know the drill… Here’s a link to edit this post:

Alex’s group: All meetings at the Juice Barrr
Wednesday 3/12
2-2:30: Sean
2:45-3:15: Mikaela
Thursday 3/13
1-1:30: Lois
1:30-2: Tamara
2-2:30: Gregg
I can also do Friday if these slots don’t work.

For Katie’s crowd, just a reminder:

Monday, March 10
4:15-4:45: Eleanor
4:45-5:15: Andrew
5:15-5:45: Chris

Tuesday, March 11

2:30-3: Clare

3-3:30: Eleanor

3:30-4: Matt
4:15-4:45: Alicia

See you guys on Monday and Tuesday in the Juice Bar! -K.