Syllabus Update

I’ve added the reading for Thursday, Tuesday and next Wednesday to the unit overview. Make sure you consult the unit plan itself for details.

Also, I will be giving you a fun assignment over break having to do with stranger studies spun into 200-word flash fictions, and some reading. I’ll post the fiction syllabus next week.


Conferences for Unit 2

You know the drill… Here’s a link to edit this post:

Alex’s group: All meetings at the Juice Barrr
Wednesday 3/12
2-2:30: Sean
2:45-3:15: Mikaela
Thursday 3/13
1-1:30: Lois
1:30-2: Tamara
2-2:30: Gregg
I can also do Friday if these slots don’t work.

For Katie’s crowd, just a reminder:

Monday, March 10
4:15-4:45: Eleanor
4:45-5:15: Andrew
5:15-5:45: Chris

Tuesday, March 11

2:30-3: Clare

3-3:30: Eleanor

3:30-4: Matt
4:15-4:45: Alicia

See you guys on Monday and Tuesday in the Juice Bar! -K.

Exercise: On Storms

Here are the rules:

1. Use a second-person narrator

2. Use 150 words

3. Use the following words: bones, glint, forge, salt

4. Title it “On Storms”

5. Make it creative nonfiction

6. Go…

Looking Ahead to Creative Nonfiction

Take a look at UNIT TWO and be ready to ask questions on Thursday.