100 word exercise (clothing)

Sorry this took so long to put up…i had some technical difficulties. But I can now edit the motherblog and all is well. Ok, so here goes.

Pick one article of clothing–your favorite shirt, shoe, earring, sock, tie…whatever. Write a 100 word short about your relationship with this piece of clothing.

 A pair of green-and-red-striped socks. Warning: to be worn on Christmas Eve ONLY. These socks shall not be slid onto smelly feet on any other day during the year. Do not wash in washing machine, as their integrity, both physically and metaphysically, may be at risk. Hand wash cold in mild detergent, hang dry. Should holes begin to form, try to limit your mobility, as they should not be sewn or mended with foreign thread. If you find that your feet no longer fit in the socks, assume it is because they always fit that way, you merely forgot since last year.