Fiction on the Map

The 21 Steps is told by following the story as it unfolds across a map of the world. Follow the trail by clicking on the link at the bottom of each bubble.

Fiction a la Google Maps… Hope everyone is having a faaabulous spring break.//Now back to writing about goats. Hrmph.

(From We Tell Stories: Digital Fiction from Penguin. “Six Authors. Six Stories. Six Weeks.”)

A fun exercise about place

>We are supposed to _want_ to see the great places of the world. But what if, in fact, we would much, much rather get home and for once get on top and _stay_ on top of the dandelion situation in the lawn?… Describe some place where great or infamous history was made that means very, very little to you
–Carol Bly, “Beyond the Writer’s Workshop: New Ways to Write Creative Nonfiction”, p284

Tutor Sessions…

GROUP 3/Alex:

Hey group 3 (the best group). Here are the times for your tutor sessions. First come, first serve. Edit this post to add your name below (or post a comment). If no times work, either switch with a classmate, or we’ll work out another time to meet. Each meeting is for 30mins.
Thursday 2/21 (juice bar)
3-3:30 Gregg
3:30-4 Kyle
4-4:30 Tony

Friday 2/22 (juice bar)
2-2:30 Doug
2:30-3 Eleanor
3-3:30 Chris

GROUP 1/Maddie:

Hey there GROUP 1 (meeting with Maddie) I can’t wait to see what you’ve done! We will meet in the grille downstairs on either wednesday or thursday. GROUP 1 sign up slots:
Wednesday, 2/20
3:00-3:30 Mikaela
3:30-4:00 Kelly
4:00-4:30 Sean (will be late)
Thursday, 2/2
1:30-2:00 Matt
2:00-2:30 Carolyn

GROUP 2/Katie:

And last but not least, Group 2 (working with Katie). I posted on my blog, but it will probably be easiest to do this on the motherblog. (Although feel free to range over to my space, too; there will be another copy of this post up as well.) I know I originally proposed Monday as a time that might work, but I’m starting to think it might be a little too early in your thinking about the multimedia project. (Though, if you’d like to meet up then for brainstorming, let me know!) So instead let’s go with Tuesday and Wednesday, in the Juice Bar area of the Grille:

Tuesday, Feb. 19

2:30-3: Simone

3-3:30: Laura

Wednesday, Feb. 20

4:45-5:15: Alicia

5:15-5:45: Clare

5:45-6:15: Lois

See you all soon!

Avatars & Names

Hey everyone! Just a quick post… If everyone could set an avatar for their profile (and one that actually LOOKS like you!) it’ll make it much easier for everyone to associate names with faces (not to mention with usernames), and then of course with the wonderful writing produced by those faces! 🙂

Here’s a tutorial explaining how to do it