summer workshop group?

hey guys,

i am going to be working on campus all summer and i was curious as to whether anyone else will be sticking around as well. during my conference, barbara and i talked about me starting a workshop group for anyone in our class who will be around to meet once a week or so to share what we’ve been working on and to sort of keep us in the habit of writing regularly. so, if anyone will be around and might be interested, let me know! i think it could be a really awesome summer activity…

Workshop #3 Exercise: A History of Glass


1. Memories associated with glass
2. Facts about glass
3. Feelings you have about glass
4. Questions having to do with glass.

In five minutes, write a piece (whatever form whatever genre) entitled “A History of Glass,”using one from each column.

Workshop #2 New York School of Poets Exercise

Happy Leap Day!

Today Kyle will post our first prompt for an out-of-class exercise, but I also thought it would be useful/interesting for us to see one another’s results from the workshop exercises here as well as on our individual blogs. I’ll add another post with Workshop #3’s exercise.  We’ve also had a friend from UCDavis added to our blogroll as she has done this first workshop exercise (found the prompt on bgexperiments).   We might well have others join us!

Add your result as a comment–I’ll start us off.

Here’s the original prompt:

1. Write a question.

2. Write down the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the following:
Day of the week
Time of day
Body part
Means of transportation
Article of clothing
Song lyrics
Street name
Children’s toy
Historical event
Rock group
Thing you find in a hardware store
Musical instrument

3. Another question.

In five minutes, write a poem opening with the first question, closing with the second question and including as many of the responses to the words as possible. Think about how to get from the first question to the second.

Five minutes.