I stumbled upon this application that I think will make writing on a computer simpler – I’ve been using it for 10 minutes and already… relief. Thought I’d share. It’s called WriteRoom and is a text-writing application (only for Mac users – although I’m sure there are similar windows apps out there) that does that and ONLY that. A full, blank screen. No distractions. It’s great. Try it out.

-photo by jimieye on flickr


I was looking around the web for some more information on Jack Kerouac and came across a piece on NPR (here) that details some aspects of On The Road. The site also has some other interesting bits about Kerouac and his writing in general. You can listen to him reading (which is pretty sweet) and see pictures of the 120 ft. scroll he typed the book on (we weren’t the first to do multi-media experiments, apparently.) Thought I’d share in case you were curious after the reading last night/since I didn’t give you any background on Kerouac today in class.