Dinner Wednesday

Hey everyone,
So, looks like we’re set to have dinner on Wednesday at Weybridge House (6:30). I’m thinking, burritos? Of course, this all depends whether the shoppers come through and actually buy the right groceries. If not, I can try to comandeer a car and do an emergency run. Oy.
All the groceries are bought and ready… I’ll see you all tonight!!!

So, if you want to help cook, come at 5ish. Otherwise dinner is served at 6:30.

(If you can, try to RSVP, just drop a comment below so I have some idea how much to make…)

Syllabus Update

I’ve added the reading for Thursday, Tuesday and next Wednesday to the unit overview. Make sure you consult the unit plan itself for details.

Also, I will be giving you a fun assignment over break having to do with stranger studies spun into 200-word flash fictions, and some reading. I’ll post the fiction syllabus next week.